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Premier Series
ROBAM originates from one of the ancient cooking cultures. It knows more about kitchen.

Steady, generous style and succinct lines present strong courage. The seamless folding technique displays perfect details. The sea wave style touch switches open intelligent kitchen and burst of taste.

The black enamel paint glass matching with silver stainless steel highlights outstanding and honorable texture. The red-backlight design makes the product more graceful.

The Premier series of product integrate ROBAM's five top advanced technologies. It outlines royal posture of modern kitchen by simple but strict design languages, bringing you more diversified and extreme enjoyment. Transfer your happy emotion to delicious food!


Inheriting many years of experience on kitchen appliances, ROBAM introduces innovative "Dual Core Absorber" and "Non-disassembly & wash free" technology to range hoods and improves cooking environment for thousands of families. The Premier series of range hood opens a new ultra-quick fume exhausting epoch of ROBAM and gives you a new kitchen within 20 seconds!

Product Dimension (L×W×H) mm895x520x600
Air Flow Rate (m3/hr)1110

ROBAM innovative "Centralized Main Flame burning" gas hob converts the main flame from the outer ring to the center, improving the heat efficiency obviously.

Installation Dimensions (L×W) mm 703x403 R15
Heat Load (kW) 4.0

ROBAM electric oven adopts 3.5m "tasty pipe" and 3D solid circulating baking technique, enabling you to enjoy the tasty immediately.

Full Built-in Dimension (W×H×D) mm600x600x585
Partly Built-in Dimension (W×H×D) mm565x588x585

ROBAM circulating steam oven preserves nutrition and health to the largest extent.

Full Built-in Dimension (W×H×D) mm600x395x500
Partly Built-in Dimension (W×H×D) mm565x380x500
ROBAM microwave oven starts the radiation protection and child lock protection after 3 seconds. Protect your safety closely.

Full Built-in Dimensions (W×H×D) mm600x395x550
Partly Built-in Dimensions (W×H×D) mm565x380x550