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Double Core Absorber
It can reach 1110m3/hr super high air flow rate and 53.5dB low noise.

    1. The leader of ROBAM "Non-disassembly and wash free" technology
    1. 360 degrees
      The 360° solid absorbing tube greatly improves the efficiency by spirally absorbing in four directions.

      The innovative 360-degree balanced 3D air intake duct absorbs air spirally from all directions, which greatly improves smoke absorption efficiency.

    1. De-oil treatment
      Both the wall and the inner filter are treated by special material which adopts the domino affect that lotus leaf can clean by itself. This de-oil treatment technology ensures there is no oil adhering to the surface of the range hood.

      Immediate oil removal technology: the inner is processed by the deoiling technology and there is no oil accumulating in the inner cavity

    1. A++ filter
      The leader of ROBAM "Non-disassembly and wash free" technology
      The unique semi-ball oil cup solves the big problem that fume will be out of control and disperse. It could increase exhausting speed and ensure clean kitchen. The special oil-guide design ensures enlarged oil-guide area and quick absorption. The updated diamond filter and optimized mesh design can separate fume completely. In addition, the filter made by one-batch forming can overcome jointing mesh's defect and it is easy to clean.

  • 0.03CM3 diamond filter
  • General oil-guide groove
  • The non-disassembly and wash free oil A++ oil-guiding groove
  • General square filter with oil cup

  • The non-disassembly and wash free half ball filter with oil cup

Reaches 1110m3/hr super high air flow rate and 53.5dB low noise

According to the motor principle, ROBAM adopts the dual turbo charger design which improves air flow rate greatly, exhausts fume quickly and creates 4 new indexes which are 1110m3/hr super high air flow rate, 53.5dB super low noise, 330Pa big air pressure and 13.2m/s fume exhausting speed.

Dual Core Absorber technology: reaches 18.5m3/hr super high air flow rate and 54dB low noise

The new generation of motor: smaller, faster and more stable operation

Two-in-core thousand wing nano centrifugal turbines, the internal capacity of the fan increases effectively, the turbine produces more powerful centrifugal force

Three-directional Z type motor support: Three-point fixing, firm structure