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Sterilizer Technology

1 Other types of disinfection tableware cabinet
2 (single) one side irradiation sterilization
3 (U type) three sides irradiation sterilization
4 General straight tube, the ultraviolet light can not be irradiated to every corner, which will leave many dead angles.
5 Three sides irradiation, there still leaves dead angles near the door and the wall.

Oven Technology


Use 3.5m length "M-heating pipe", heat more evenly, delicacy spreads unlimitedly; 8 levels cycle technique, 3D cycle bake, "manage" the delicious easily.

The electrostatic powder enamel technology


New "static powder enamel" process, environmental protection, hygeian, and easy to clean; rotatable shelf for optional rotation, can remove the front plate easily, clean more conveniently.